Heyo!! Welcome to the blog and THANK YOU for stopping by!

As I begin this adventure in blogging, I cannot promise much just yet but my goals are to educate and inspire you when you start planning your engagement session, elopement or wedding.

So here’s a bit about me!

A photo of professional Vancouver photographer Kathryn in a white shirt smiling at the camera

Hello, I’m Kathryn, a British Columbia-based photographer. I grew up in Vancouver, BC and have always thought of myself as more of a creative than academic. It took a long time for me to believe that I was a creative soul but the day I picked up my first camera was when I realized that I could show my creativity through photography.

My photography started back in Grade 11 Photography. I learned the basics of Aperture, ISO, and Shutter speed, while developing film in dark rooms. It wasn’t long before the digital world came about and I was the High School Yearbook Photographer. I found EVERY opportunity to take photographs, believe me….you don’t want to see the early days before my business started.

At this point in my life, I didn’t even realize that this could be a career! I grew up in a household that believed in education and security. I truly believe that this is the right groundwork for raising children all while allowing them to find something that they can be passionate about all while learning the hustle mentality.

So…I pursued a career in Event Planning…I know, you probably expected me to tell you that I went for it and boomed into the industry full force. Instead, I pursued a career that led me to Event Management and Wedding Planning. Throughout my experiences as a Wedding Planner, I found that I was always pulling out my camera to document my events. Through all of that, I found photography. It took me a while to realize and to take action, I mean…who am I to say that I could be a great photographer? I had zero confidence in this dream and my abilities! I probably would have been doing this a lot sooner. I am also a firm believer that things happen for a reason and the confidence that led up allowed me to put myself out there.

I soon started hustling, taking workshops, signing up for online courses and webinars. As I jumped in, I didn’t know where to start!? I didn’t have a lot of friends getting married and maybe took some entry-level couple sessions…but I found my heart was always full.

So what were my next steps? How do I get into this industry?

I have to thank all the close friends of mine that took me under their wing to second shoot for them. I believe whole heartily that if you want to get into this industry, SECOND SHOOT! It is the best opportunity for you to see how other photographers work, practice with patience and things WILL develop.

To this day, I still believe that education is key and I will continue to educate myself whenever possible.

So there’s my story! How it began and how I still believe that education and experience will allow you to grow.

Talk soon!