I am so freakin’ excited to be sharing this beautiful fall session with Kyla and Jon. Can I just start off by saying how beautiful this session was! All the way down the gorgeous couple and the beautiful landscape and fall colours!! Kyla has been a long-time friend of mine for years and I am so honoured to have captured this chapter in her life with Jon.

During the pandemic, Kyla and I ran into each other after not seeing one another for a few years. In fact, she and I both were living in Vancouver at the time, and both had moved back to Kamloops and now I am back in Vancouver! Let’s just say it’s been a hot minute!! When we ran into each other, we caught up on life and how she had JUST met this amazing guy through Tinder! Since then, Kyla and Jon have enjoyed exploring their relationship through a pandemic. They’ve faced many challenges while starting a relationship during a global pandemic but they came through stronger than ever!! They constantly support one another and build each other up.

Kyla and Job LOVE to travel to breweries around British Columbia and collect beer memorabilia. Not only that, but during their session, they told me how much they love the quiet cabin life. The kind that you can rent and disconnect from. These two enjoy taking time to be together without the distractions of life.

Jon really knows how to make Kyla laugh, just look at that genuine and beautiful smile she has!!

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