10 Ways to be More Present on Your Wedding Day⁠


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the stress that comes from planning your wedding?
Worried it might cause you to overthink your wedding day and not actually have fun?
Well, I genuinely hope that this isn’t how you feel about your upcoming wedding…but if it is, you’re in luck.
Here are 10 ways to be more present on your wedding day.


1. Envision the day.⁠

Take some time to imagine what your day will look like and cherish it.

2. Plan extra room in your timeline (just in case you’re running behind).

I recommend leaving some extra room on your timeline just in case things start to run behind…trust me…it happens more often than you think.⁠

3. Prepare your family, friends and vendors.

Set some expectations with your family and friends when planning your day. If you need some help setting things up, planning out the day, or getting things done, let people know. Trust me…you can’t do it all!⁠

4. Turn your phones off!

This one is a big one, set some time to be absolutely present by turning your phone off. Plan for someone at the wedding party to take all the social videos and photos. That or you can add this to your photography package with me (ask for more info).⁠

5. Plan a good morning routine.

There’s nothing like feeling sluggish on your wedding day. Get a good night’s sleep the night before, drink lots of water, and plan to have an easy-going morning with breakfast.⁠


6. Expect the unexpected.

I think this one speaks for itself…⁠

7. Take a moment alone together.

Carve out a few minutes alone, right after the ceremony is a great time to sneak away for 5 minutes to take in the moment.⁠⁠

8. Weat comfy shoes.

You do not want to be uncomfortable…do yourself a favour and opt-in for some comfy shoes.⁠

9. No matter what, you’ve gotta eat.

A lot of people forget to eat. With such a busy day, filled with connecting with your loved ones, it’s easy to forget. Make sure you pack some snacks or ask your caterer to pack up your dinner to eat later.⁠

10. Don’t forget what your wedding day is truly about…YOU!

Now this one is the big one. No matter what…do YOU. Do the things YOU want. Have all the fun, and enjoy the day. There is no sense in stressin’.⁠ ⁠

For more tips and resources for planning your wedding day, head on over to my Resource Page!