Barnet Marine Park Session

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Have you ever wanted to bring your pup to a session with you? Barnet Marine Park Session Burnaby, BC is a great spot for you and your pup. Check out this cute session that I did with this couple and their pup. Barnet Marine Park is one of my favourite dog-friendly parks in the Vancouver area. When Amber and JL reached out to book their session with me, they wanted to include their pup, Spike, so they could celebrate the life that he has had as being part of their family. The biggest reason they booked their session was that the doctors told them that Spike had cancer and didn’t have much time left. Honestly, you wouldn’t be able to tell from how happy he looks in these photos that he was aging. He had so much spirit and happiness.

Amber and JL have also celebrated 4+ years together as a couple and wanted to capture their relationship. What better place to photograph them and Spike than at Barnett Marine Park? We ran into other furry friends and families at this park but managed to find some great spots that weren’t filled with distractions.

If you are wanting to book your next session with your pup, I would highly recommend this dog-friendly park. Everyone we went into were very kind and friendly, just make sure you get there early to get a good parking spot in the summertime!!

Okayy, but tell me that Spike isn’t the freakin’ cutest. Look at him posing for the camera. He knew all his angles!!

This was the perfect spot for your next session. Barnett Marine Park includes forest vibes, park vibes, and beach vines all within walking distance. Tell me this isn’t an amazing spot!! Look at them!

Let’s book your Barnet Marine Park Session, book now!