Cates Park Deep Cove Session

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Hear me out! Cates Park Deep Cove Session…bring your pup! Let’s freakin’ do it!!

Cates Park is a great spot to roam around with your pup and get some engagement photos out of it.

Here’s a little bit about the couple!

Krystian and I actually went to elementary school way back in french emersion. We’ve crossed paths from time to time since the 5th grade, but I met his now-wife Alyssa through many channels. Alyssa and Krystian were visiting Vancouver during the Family Day Long weekend with their parents. We snagged them a spot at Cates Park, Deep Cove for a couples session and we had such a beautiful morning!

We got straight to the shoot while Alyssa’s parents took their pup, Spot around the park. Scroll to the end to see some photos of Spot! Alyssa and Krystian were married a few years ago in Kamloops and their relationship has only gotten stronger. Before they were a couple these two were friends and still are the best of friends to this day. They never grow tired of spending time together and are just as happy and content hanging out watching TV as we are at a romantic dinner.

Since the first day they started dating, these two have gotten married, adopted a pup, and purchased a home.

Cates Park Deep Cove Couple Session


I’ve been adding GIFs into my session lately and am obsessed!! GIFs are a great way to relive the day, a way that photos can’t capture. They are fun moving images bundled together to create a moving photo. Inquire here, to add GIFs to your next session!!

I encourage my clients to bring their furry friends! Big or small, bring them to your next couples session at Cates Park and let’s have some fun!! These two wanted to do some of their session with their pup and some without. Let’s customize your next session to your wants and needs!

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