Destination Las Vegas Elopement

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H E L L O L A S V E G A S !

Let’s book your next destination elopement in beautiful Las Vegas!!

D A Y O N E !

Alright, here’s a little bit of behind the scenes from our recent trip to Las Vegas to shoot the most amazing intimate elopement of the season! Let’s just say that as much as Instagram shows you the highlight reel, it certainly doesn’t show you every little detail of the trip.

Our trip involved us finding great deals on hotels, and flights to buying our meals from wal-mart. We certainly did not go all out on activities and food, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves. What people don’t see is the long nights of editing vs. going out on the town (as I’m sure a lot of people think is all that we do). However, we certainly took a few days to ourselves after all the work was done as it was our last wedding of the season.

Danie Easton from Eastowest Wedding Films and I started our trip on a flight to Vegas together. Our amazing couple, Thea and Mallory booked us both to capture their special day. If you didn’t see it, check it out HERE! We caught a flight direct to Las Vegas. When we arrived, we went to go pick up our car rental. Unfortunately, the rental kiosk was closed and they directed us to another kiosk…this kiosk was about a 2 hour (maybe longer) lineup. YIKES!!

While we waited an hour, we decided that this line was going to take WAY too long. So we jumped into an Uber and made our way to the ceremony site. We made it just in time for Thea and Mallory’s drive-through wedding…yes you heard that right! A FREAKIN’ DRIVE-THROUGH WEDDING!! How cool is that!! Seriously…check it out!

Some more behind scenes….cause why not!

This was honestly the BEST way to get married in Vegas! We had so much fun capturing this intimate moment. From here, we made our way to the hotel to freshen up before making our way onto the strip for some nighttime shots. But first! Dinner, of course! So why not go in style?!

We made our way to the In and Out Restaurant! Here we grabbed a burger and fries with Thea and Mallory. It was insanely busy here so if you didn’t see my Reel check out what we were working with HERE. This spot was so busy, and yet somehow we managed to get the best spot in the place for some cute photos.

Let’s not forget that we most certainly enjoyed a burger with them before heading out!

After enjoying some food and good company, we made our way for nighttime photos.

We then finished our night in the hotel room watching Netflix.
Do you ever find that hotel rooms have nothing to watch?!
Well, nothing can beat some snakes, and a messy hotel room while eating some sneak peeks!

D A Y T W O !

The next morning Thea and Mallory got their hair and makeup done again before we left for some desert photos. We drove out of town to find some beautiful scenery for these photos and Las Vegas did not disappoint.

After taking some EPIC photos in the desert, we had a moment to make sure we got our close-up! Hah!

We spent the rest of our day with the Thea and Mallory going out for dinner, drinks and exploring Las Vegas!

Let’s have some fun and book your Destination Las Vegas Elopement!

I’d say we have a pretty amazing time with these two travelling to Las Vegas and capturing their special day.