Gastown Engagement Session, Vancouver


This Gastown Engagement session was one of my favourites! Gastown, Vancouver is a popular spot for engagement sessions due to its charming architecture and historic feel. It’s no wonder that this couple chose this location to capture their love story on camera. They met in Victoria, BC and wanted to incorporate the historic Victorian buildings and they are huge foodies! So we had to make a stop at a local coffee shop to tell their love story. The day started out rainy (and I mean rainy!!) which could have put a damper on the session. However, the couple didn’t let it get in the way of their joy and excitement.

The rain may have made the streets slick and shiny, but it also created a romantic atmosphere. The couple snuggled up under an umbrella as they strolled through the cobblestone streets, creating some truly magical moments. The overcast skies provided the perfect soft lighting for the photos. Making the colours pop and giving the images a dreamy quality.

As the couple continued their session, the clouds began to part and the sun made its appearance. This change in weather added a whole new dimension to the shoot, bringing warmth and light to the photos. The sunlight reflecting off the wet pavement created a beautiful contrast of light and dark. This added depth and texture to the images.

Coffee Shop Vibes

The couple took a break and stopped at a cozy coffee shop in Gastown, Di Beppe Caffè. There, they enjoyed some hot coffee and sweet treats while they chatted and relaxed. The coffee shop provided a warm and welcoming backdrop for some candid shots of the couple, capturing their natural chemistry and love for each other.

The coffee break gave the couple a chance to recharge from the excitement of their engagement session. It’s important to remember that sessions should be fun and stress-free, and relaxed. We ended up enjoying a coffee together while talking about all things weddings and their wedding plans at Hycroft Manner.

Overall, the couple’s engagement session in Gastown Engagement Session was a wonderful success. Despite the initial rain, they embraced the weather and made the most of it, creating some truly stunning images. And when the sun came out, they were able to capture even more magic. The coffee break was a lovely touch. It added some casual, candid shots to the mix and allowed the couple to enjoy some quality time together. This session was a perfect representation of the couple’s love story. They will be able to cherish these images for years to come.


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