6 things to consider when booking your engagement session in Gastown


If you are planning to book an engagement session in Gastown Engagement Session, here are 6 things to consider when booking your engagement session in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. In order to have the most successful session, there are a few things to keep in mind. Everything from the time of day to the weather and how to prepare for the session, will come into fact when planning your upcoming session.

Here are a few things to take into consideration
so that you have the most successful session.

Time of Day:

When it comes to planning your session, choosing the time of day is one of the most important factors. The time of day can significantly affect your photos and the style of the session. Choosing to do your session at golden hour (the period of time just after sunrise or before sunset when the light is infused with red and gold tones) is ideal for photos as it provides a warm, soft light that creates a beautiful and romantic energy in our images.


They call it “Raincouver” for a reason, it almost always rains. So be prepared for any weather. I’ll keep an eye on the weather as we lead up to your session but choosing the time of year can play a big part in what type of weather you’ll get. The weather can drastically impact a session, so just be prepared. Check the weather forecast and if you’re not a fan of rain, try scheduling your session in the summer months for less chance of rain. If you don’t mind the rain and love the moody overcast vibes, let’s book you in rain or shine!


Gastown itself has so many beautiful locations that are absolutely perfect for your engagement session. Whether it be the cobblestone streets, the historic Victorian-style buildings or the urban alleys, choosing a location that suits your style and personality will play a huge part in how your photos will turn out. The best part about Gastown is the variety of shops, restaurants and cafes. One of the many reasons I love shooting here.


Something to consider when planning your session is what to wear! Your outfit should complement the location and theme of the session. I would suggest wearing comfortable yet stylish clothing that reflects your personality. Be sure to wear something you be awesome in. Ensure it’s an outfit you’ve worn before. Avoid big patterns, logos, and bright or bold colours. If you aren’t sure what colours to wear, stick to earthy tones, natural fabrics and clothing with lots of movement.


Choosing a photographer that has the experience and knows the area will play a big part in how your session will unfold. Make sure they understand your vision and check out their portfolio and review to make sure they are the right fit for you. If you’re still looking to lock in a photographer, head over to my Portfolio Page to see more of my work.

Props and Accessories:

Something to consider when planning your engagement session in Gastown is adding props and accessories to your session. These items will make you more unique and personal in your relationship. I encourage you to find ways to highlight your personal style. Consider stopping at a coffee shop and grabbing your favourite baked goodies, or passing by a restaurant and enjoying a pizza together. There are so many amazing ways to make your session uniquely your own.

When it comes to planning your engagement session in Gastown, Vancouver, BC, considering all of these options will allow you to plan the most memorable and enjoyable session.


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