This Kamloops Engagement Session was seriously on point!! Kyla and Jon had just done a fall session a few months ago (click here to check out their last session!), and now they are OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! You guys have no freakin’ idea how STOKED I am about this engagement. Kyla has been a friend of mine since way back….like back far enough to when Blockbusters was a thing. Kyla worked there with my sibling and we got to know each other well.

Now, I can say that not only do I love capturing her and your man but I love our friendship. This session was so beautiful, we weren’t expecting much for weather leading up to the evening but we got a beautiful overcast sunset. We had so much fun with our prompts and poses during this session…I mean, we were even laughing about the prompts I was giving them last time!

Okayyy, so now for the proposal story!! Jon and Kyla are the type of couple that likes to call the outdoors home. You can find them by a fire, a lake or out on a nice day with a beer in hand. On (the now special day) March 5th, after dog sitting for the past week, Kyla and Jon were eager to get away for the afternoon to enjoy some time together. They made their way up to Isobel Lake and found the most perfect location right by the water to start a fire. The day was absolutely PERFECT! The sun was shining, the fire was warm and the beers were hoppy!

After about an hour of hanging out around the fire, Jon suggested that they take a little walk out to the frozen lake…which they never do because Kyla is a huge scaredy-cat!! Jon instantly jumped on the opportunity of her spontaneous desire for adventure and when they got around the corner they talked about how much they needed this day together. Jon looked at Kyla and they exchanged “I love you’s before Jon reached over to the upper pocket of his jacket and pulled out the ring and got down on one knee. Kyla was shocked and excited!! She let out a squeal and cried (and danced) with happiness. Kyla said that it was the most exciting moment of their lives to date and such a perfect day that they will remember forever!!

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