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Kamloops Beach Engagement Session | Kyla and Jon

In the picturesque setting of Kamloops, Kyla and Jon embarked on a journey that began with friendship and blossomed into a love story for the ages. As the sun cast its golden glow, their engagement session at the beach unfolded seamlessly, capturing the essence of their deep connection and shared laughter. Join me as we delve into the enchanting tale of Kyla and Jon, a couple whose love not only defies time but also finds joy in the simplest moments of life.

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Capturing Love in Every Frame

Having previously documented Kyla and Jon’s fall session a few months ago, the excitement for their official engagement radiated throughout the beach session. Kyla and Jon brought an air of familiarity and comfort to the shoot. The love between them was palpable, and the photographs from their beach engagement session exuded a warmth that only deep-rooted connections can manifest.

What started as a casual evening turned into a stunning display of love, with unexpected overcast skies adding a touch of magic to the session. Prompted by laughter and guided by shared memories, Kyla and Jon effortlessly embraced each other, making the session not just a photo shoot but a celebration of their friendship and love.

The Proposal: A Lakeside Affair

Jon and Kyla, known for calling the outdoors home, experienced a milestone that added another layer to their love story. On March 5th, against the breathtaking backdrop of Isobel Lake, Jon orchestrated a proposal that mirrored their love for the open air and spontaneous adventures.

After a week of dog-sitting, the couple sought solace by the water, setting up a fire in the perfect lakeside spot. The sun, warm and inviting, cast a glow on their surroundings, creating an idyllic setting for what would become the most significant day of their lives.

As the flames flickered, Jon suggested a walk to the frozen lakeā€”an unusual proposal, considering Kyla’s aversion to such spontaneous adventures. Seizing the opportunity, Jon led her to a corner where they spoke of the importance of their day together. In a heartfelt exchange of “I love yous,” Jon, with a ring concealed in his jacket pocket, dropped to one knee. The element of surprise overwhelmed Kyla, and amidst tears, laughter, and spontaneous dancing, she said yes.

A Perfect Day to Remember

Kyla described the proposal as the most exciting moment of their lives, a perfect day etched into their shared history. The warmth of the fire, the hoppy beers, and the frozen lake became witnesses to a love that continues to evolve, finding beauty in spontaneity and joy in each other’s company. As they prepare to say “I do,” the memories of that perfect lakeside proposal linger, painting a picture of a couple whose journey is as captivating as the Kamloops beach where it all began.

Kyla and Jon’s engagement session in Kamloops was more than just a visual journey; it was a celebration of enduring friendship, laughter, and a love that thrives in the simplicity of shared moments. As they embark on the next chapter of their lives, the echoes of their laughter and the magic of that lakeside proposal will forever resonate in the photographs, creating a timeless testament to a love that only grows more enchanting with each passing day.


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