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Have you seen this Vancouver Indoor Studio Engagement Session?

Have you been wanting to book a cute indoor studio session?

Worried about the Vancouver rain that makes you have to rebook?

When you book an indoor studio engagement session, not only are you avoiding bad weather but you have full control over the entire session. Everything from choosing multiple looks, to white space that provides for sophisticated and romantic images.

In-studio couples sessions have quickly become one of my favourite things to photograph. If you’re looking for an amazing and unique space to book your next couple or engagement session, there are tons of options to book in the Vancouver area. By booking your studio session, you are able to walk in feeling comfortable and ready! If you are interested in booking your next session in the studio, reach out and I would be happy to recommend a studio for your vibe!

In the meantime, here are 5 reasons to book your next session indoors!

5 Reasons to Book Your Next Indoor Engagement Session Indoors

1. Reason Number 1…Weather!

When it comes to booking your session in the lower mainland, rain is almost always expected unless it is the summertime. If you want to avoid getting wet, book a studio that fits your aesthetic and it’s a win/win! There are so many different styles of studios in the city to choose from, you will have tons of options!!

2. Complete control over light for your romantic and dreamy indoor session.

Closely related to the weather, you never know if you will get full afternoon sunshine or cloudy and gloomy skies. When you book a studio, you have complete control over your lighting. No shadows under the eyes or humid weather.

3. Eliminate distractions during your engagement session.

Remove the distractions of other people, not so pretty city life and book a studio. Find a studio that fits your theme and style and we are golden!!

4. Opportunity for multiple outfit changes.

Indoor studios allow you to change freely into as many outfits as you like without having to run back to the car to change. Talk to your photographer about incorporating multiple looks.

5. Tons of gorgeous white space!

One of my favourite things to photograph is white space. Light bounces so nicely off white walls and you can keep backgrounds minimal or not. Want a white backdrop, cute couches, or green and luscious plants? Let’s find a studio for you!!

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